What is Text A Star?

Text A Star is a unique premium social media product.

It has been specifically designed to bridge the gap between athlete and fans and deliver legitimate, authentic and appropriate content direct to a subscriber’s mobile phone.

Subscribers will receive up to two text messages per week from their favourite sports star and hear all about life on and off the sports arena.

Text A Star delivers exclusive content each week and, due to the product’s technology filter, the text messages are guaranteed to be appropriate for all ages.

About the Company

Text A Star is Melbourne-based and has a London office. It is a privately held company run and managed by its founding directors.

The team at Text A Star boasts a broad range of skills and has an in-depth understanding of the sport, technology and entertainment markets.

Text A Star is committed to prevailing at the forefront this medium and delivering to consumers unprecedented access into the lives of their sports and entertainment heroes.