Text A Star has devised a service which embraces social media but safeguards against illegitimate, inaccurate and inappropriate content being mass distributed.

Social media was borne out of consumers’ insatiable appetite for insight into how others live, and Text A Star recognised what was missing in this global phenomenon:

  1. Direct communication
  2. Authenticity
  3. Appropriateness

Text A Star’s real time content is pushed out via mobile phone which guarantees immediate receipt.

Text A Star guarantees the athlete/celebrity engaged in its service, which is comforting for the consumer given the amount of fraudulent conduct within the social media medium.

Text A Star recognizes the importance of safeguarding the youth market which is readily embracing, and indeed developing, social media. With mass information being sent by numerous portals, inappropriate content is freely available to anyone accessing these mediums. Text A Star has designed a technology filter which guarantees appropriate content delivered to all ages.

For all media enquiries:
Lysette Shaw
m: 0416 084 584
t: + (03) 9596 2602

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